Reasons to be cheerful in 2017

Many people within the Recruitment industry have been keeping a keen eye on the economy as predictions are made for 2017; speculation that Brexit is going to have a delayed effect as well as the impact of a weak pound have led to forecasters beign conservative in their outlook. However Katie Allen from the Guardian has written that despite these concerns there are many reasons to be cheerful in 2017.

Katie writes:

'New Year: a time for resolutions, detox diets and predictions. But after the year forecasters had in 2016, who would be brazen enough to predict how 2017 will pan out? 

Where most economists went wrong last year – including the likes of the Bank of England and International Monetary Fund – was in predicting a sharp slowdown in the event of a vote for Brexit. George Osborne, for example, made the misjudged warning that a vote to leave the EU was a vote for recession.'

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