Perks - What Employees want

As more and more companies mirror each other's salaries it is often the perks which make the roles all that more attractive. However, what perks do candidates value above others? Is it more holiday? Better bonuses? Lee Biggins the founder and MD of CV-Library explores what it is that candidates value most in terms of their perks:

'New research from the UK’s leading independent job site, CV-Library, reveals just how important workplace perks are to UK workers, with nearly two thirds (62.1%) of professionals stating that they consider these to be a key factor when looking for a job. Furthermore, just over one in 10 (12.6%) said that they would turn down a job if the company didn’t offer workplace perks.

Worryingly, the survey of 1,000 professionals also revealed that nearly three quarters of UK professionals (71.8%) aren’t currently receiving any perks at work. This is despite 70.5% of workers believing that all business should offer them. When asked what they’d like to receive, the most desirable workplace perks were:'

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