UK heading for the top of the G7 growth league

Everyone is looking at the G7 at the forefront of world growth, however few would predict that in the coming years the UK may become the fastest growing economy of the group. PwC Consultants believe that if the UK gets its post-brexit trade agreements right it will be well-placed for sustained efficient growth, faster than any other member of the G7. 

Katie Allen writes for the Guardian: 

'The UK could shake off the near-term impact of Brexit to become the fastest-growing economy in the G7 group of rich countries between now and 2050, according to a report that paints a bright outlook for the country’s prospects outside the EU.

Consultants PwC say the UK economy will not escape entirely unscathed from the decision to leave the bloc and that it will dampen growth prospects in the short term. But the brunt of the impact would be felt by 2020 and in the years that follow the UK would outperform its peers thanks to its relatively large working age population and its flexible economy.'

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G7 Trade Growth