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How I placed my first candidate..

I came to London from Seattle just a fortnight ago.

A few years working in the US Navy and travelling the world had left me thirsty for new adventure.

When Debbie gave me the chance to help her at ROC, I jumped at the opportunity.

The first few days were a complete whirlwind of activity.

I focussed on learning the basics, how to identify a good CV, what the client was looking for in a candidate, tracking down candidates and interviewing them to ensure they fit in with client specifications.

It was a lot, but I loved it.

I jumped right in and hit the ground running. Today I landed my first placement. Whew! What a rush.

The feeling was a bit like finding the hottest new trendy shoes on sale somewhere. No, it was better!

It was a wonderful feeling to realize that I had not only helped someone find their new career, but also done my bit in helping that company get the right person for the role.

The one thing I’ve realized is that it’s about working smart and also having a little bit of luck.

I am so grateful to Debbie and the ROC team for making me feel so welcome in this city.

PS: Call me on 0207 318 1400 and give me a chance to help you find your new role!

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