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Benefits of ROC

A dedicated team of consultants who have long-standing relationships with top global employers
Expert matching skills - we only put those candidates forward for roles where their skillset matches the requirements, so you know your time won't be wasted.

Expert advice on CV and cover letter creation, interviewing techniques and presentation skills

Honest feedback to help you on your journey throughout your career
The proof is in the numbers - 25% of new candidates come from referrals from existing user.

The ROC Process

The process outlined below is usually for a long-term contract or permanent positions. The process for temporary placements can vary depending on the length and type of role. Often with temporary employment, only ROC will need to do the face-to-face interview. Our clients trust us to assess and recommend candidates on their behalf.

Initial registration

Whether you find us via a job advert or our website (or a referral!) or we find you via a job board, we will ask you to register with ROC via our website.

Telephone conversation

Before asking you to come in, we will have a telephone conversation with you to get an initial idea of your career objectives, previous experience, and skills. If you are interested in a particular role that is still in the candidate stage, we will discuss the requirements with you to gauge your interest. If we think you would be a good match for the role, or perhaps other similar ones, we will invite you in for a face-to-face interview with a consultant.

Interview at ROC

On arrival at ROC, you may need to fill out a form to complete your registration, and you will need to submit your passport (and any applicable visas) as proof of ability to work in the UK. We will take a scan of it for our records. We will also take a picture of you to add to your profile on our system. Your consultant will then take you to one of our interview rooms to discuss your CV, your goals, your skills, and experience. If you are particularly interested in a certain role, we will discuss that with you and give you honest feedback on whether your skillset matches the requirements. We might bring you through to meet other members of the ROC team, to make sure they know a bit about you in case they have a role on their 'books' that would be a good fit.

Skills testing via ProveIt

Following the interview, you will need to complete an online test via a system called ProveIt. Your consultant will send you the link to access the system. It will assess your ability with typical office programs such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as fundamental skills such as typing speed. Some of our employers require a certain level of results, and we will be transparent about this with you.

Submitting you for a role

If your skills and experience make a good match with a role, and you are interested in applying, we will submit your CV and cover letter (if required) to the employer. We typically submit only a few hand-picked candidates that we believe will make it to the next stage - interview.


If the employer wants to invite you in for an interview they will let your consultant know, who will give you a variety of times/dates to choose from (when possible - it depends on the urgency of the role!) Being flexible with your availability is always encouraged. Once a time is agreed, your consultant will give you a full brief on the interview including who you will be meeting and any tips on communication and presentation. We will send you our 'ROC tips: The Interview' presentation to help you prepare.

2nd/3rd Interview
Depending on the type of role, you may be asked to return for a second or even third interview. You will usually meet more senior members of the team at this point, and you may be asked to prepare a task or presentation. Your consultant will brief you fully on the interview, and will as well give you feedback from your first interview to help you develop.

Offer and acceptance

If you have been successful and the employer wants to offer you a place, your consultant will inform you by telephone and give you the key details including salary and requested start date (and of course a big congratulations!). If you want to negotiate on either of these terms, your consultant will do this on your behalf and will be honest with you about whether this is a good idea or likely to be unsuccessful and leave a negative impression. Once you are happy with the terms you can accept verbally and via email and the contracts will be drawn up. At this stage it is advisable you inform your current employer about the offer and your intention to accept.

Resigning from your current job (if applicable)

Resigning from your current job can be hard, especially if you have been there a while and have developed friendships with your colleagues. Your consultant will coach you through the process so that it is as easy as possible, and you come out of it with a positive relationship with your employer (this is important for reference checks!) Sometimes they make it even harder by offering you more money or other incentives to stay. It is important you don't make any knee-jerk reactions and stay in a role you are not comfortable in for the wrong reasons - you started looking and applying for a reason, and have invested a lot of your time in getting an offer. Make the right decision for you and do not let guilt or pressure sway you from that.

Reference checks

Usually, offers of employment are 'pending satisfactory references', which is why it is important to let your current employer know immediately when you have accepted an offer. They may be contacted for a reference quite quickly. In most cases, the references will be done by the new employers' HR department. You will be asked to supply them with 2-3 contacts from recent employers (within the past two years). It is always advisable that you ask permission from the person first; this means they are not caught by surprise, and of course will hopefully give you a positive reference!

Your first day!

Your consultant will be in touch with you leading up to your first day, to touch base and help you with any questions you might have or advice you might need. Enjoy your new adventure!