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I believe Recruitment is about intuition…

I originally trained as an actor for 3 years at a London Drama school.

I played the lead role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, and also toured in Evita among other shows.

I loved it, but being poor (most actors are!) most of the time, although I didn’t want to give up, I was inspired to look for a more lucrative “role”!

As a performer, I was a “people person” and after joining a fledgling recruitment Health service company  I was in my element .

When I was asked to visit clients, “performing Presentations” I  brought on the company’s first major search assignment.

 I moved to ROC Recruitment over ten years ago, and was invited to set up a new desk focusing on beauty.

To date, I have placed over 600 candidates within  many fantastic beauty and cosmetic brands.

My success has come through the ability to intuitively understand the needs of client and candidate, in terms of cultural fit and functional ability.

Candidates often come to me looking for inspiration for their next move and end up becoming a highly valued long-term client!

As I learnt as a poor impoverished actor many years ago – Never give up!!

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