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Service Delivery Manager-Grounds Maintenance-East London

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£45000 - £50000 per annum + car,bonus
ROC Operations
17-11-2023 02:55 PM
Nigel Bewsher
To lead, manage and be responsible for the performance of an outsourced, local authority,
diverse contract portfolio including employees in environmental, Waste, Recycling and Street
& Grounds Cleansing Maintenance, Refuse Collection service provision within a demanding
commercial environment. To include the strategic development, improvement and growth of
the business and contract.
To ensure the Refuse Collection, Streets and Grounds Maintenance etc service is carried out in
line with the Council Contract requirements, maintaining Health and Safety and current
relevant legislative requirements and ensure full compliance with Policies and
Manage Refuse Collection, Street and Ground Cleansing Maintenance etc. services, and ensure
highest possible performance standards for the contract.
Reason for the role: To lead a contract of employees comprised of frontline and back office functions responsible
for delivering excellent service standards across the local authority contract.
Structure and
Reporting to the Contract Manager and accountable for department leads on Refuse
and Recycling Collection or Street Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance
Based on the specific requirement of the role
Key Responsibilities:
* The overall management of Teams e.g the ASDM, Supervisory Management Teams of the frontline operation
of the contract with an emphasis on the integration of these services, to maximise performance, and meeting
outputs and revenue budget targets within the Service.
* Ensure that Waste, Recycling, Collection or Street Cleansing/Grounds Maintenance and Cleansing Operations
work within the requirements of the UK waste management legislation and policy; health and safety legislation
and regulations.
* Champion the process of increasing the rate of recycling/composting for municipal waste - and reducing the
amount of waste sent to landfill ensuring that any KPI performance requirements are met for the required
* Drive for change and innovation in the Contract in order to meet the challenges of the future.
* Ensure the management of employee relations matters is effective for all employee's during the employee life
cycle, the Contract's compliance with operating model, Standard Operating Procedures and by
exception, where applicable local policies for all employee relations matters.
* To develop and maintain effective relationships with officers, statutory authorities, consultants, contractors,
elected representatives, the public and other relevant organisation and parties.
* To ensure and manage functions and responsibilities under the post holders control comply with and respond
to relevant legislation and developments of professional and technical standards.
* To identify commercial planning requirements and opportunities in the post holders service areas.
* To implement exemplary service standards and to monitor, review and benchmark service delivery to fall in
line with regulatory bodies and brand excellence.
* To ensure that adequate training is provided for all employees to provide the service requirements in a safe
and cost-effective manner through effective Personal Performance Development Process. Achieve the

requirements of the strategic objectives for the division. E.g. apprenticeships targets and enhancing
management capabilities.
* To produce management reports as required by the Contract and management.
* To participate in the absence management and welfare of all employees under the post holders'
responsibilities, ensuring the contracts compliance with absence management objectives within the division.
* To effectively manage all resources (staff, equipment and vehicles) in a cost-effective manner and ensure
compliance with all current legal requirements.
* To be accountable and constantly monitor financial and operational performance and ensure that all operations
and methods are cost effective and efficient, achieving financial targets and meeting target budgets which
strategically align to objectives.
* To be responsible for safeguarding premises, vehicle, plant, materials and equipment against damage, misuse
or theft.
* To maintain all appropriate records accurately and carry out regular system asset inventory audits.
* To review and monitor technological initiatives relevant to the Contract. Be at the forefront of planning and
implementation of new technologies across the contract.
* Maintain an up to date and relevant personal development portfolio.
* Proactively liaise and engage with Trade Unions on all aspects of the Service in line with collective agreements,
frameworks and the ways of working.
* It is essential in your role as Service Delivery Manager to ensure the principles of strategy, to pursue
diversity through inclusion, are an embodiment of what we do, to ensure that we create and maintain a culture
whereby people can be themselves at . All duties should be conducted in accordance with the Diversity
and Inclusion Policy and in line with the Equality act 2010.
* It is your responsibility to ensure Diversity and Inclusion is interwoven into recruitment, training and the
employee culture, to ensure a proactive approach is taken to raise the collective confidence and understanding
amongst staff.
* A zero-tolerance approach must be taken when there has been any act of Discrimination.
* The post holder must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due regard to the Company's policy,
organisation and arrangements for Health and Safety at Work.
Health and Safety
* To implement and manage a robust health and safety (people, vehicles, operations and environment) culture
in full compliance with corporate governance policies, procedures and systems and all relevant legislation
ensuring compilation of data and commitment to improving the safety and welfare of our people and
environment within which we work.
* To develop, agree and manage a robust strategy and annual plan for the Contract together with the Contract
Manager to meet the contractual requirements and business targets, including growth aspirations and be
accountable for its delivery.
* To conduct regular reviews of plans, monitoring and taking action to ensure business targets are met, including
submitting accurate and timely reports to the appropriate line management.
* To implement rigorous processes for performance and measurement utilising and/or developing the
appropriate suite of KPI's and using the data to drive decision making and contract improvements. Maximise
opportunities for growth and/or the efficiency of resource deployed on the contract.
Customers Advocacy and Innovation
* To represent and promote the customers, stakeholders, the community and the public,
fostering a partnership approach to relationships.

* To develop and maintain a network of relationships with the customer, potential customers, partners and
stakeholders (to include employees, trade union representatives and any other relevant bodies) in order to
anticipate and meet customers and stakeholders existing and future needs.
* To lead customer service excellence and a continuous improvement culture, so that the business remains at
the leading edge of service delivery and value, benchmarking against the appropriate depots and/or
competitors, using data to drive improvement.
Leadership and Employee Engagement
* To provide leadership and management to the business such that all employees understand and adopt the
strategy and plans and are motivated to achieve their objectives in a timely and professional manner.
* To recruit, motivate and develop a team to deliver the goals and aspirations .
* To ensure that the business is fully resourced with talented people who have the necessary strengths and
integrity to be able to operate in accordance with principles
* To ensure that the contract is optimally structured, reviewed, managed and operated accordingly (people,
vehicles, and operations). To ensure that a best practice framework is in place for the delivery of the Contract
using processes, procedures and systems which are aligned to those in place across as appropriate and
contribute towards the improvement and innovation within the business.
High Performance (including turnover, margin and cash) if applicable
* To ensure effective management is in place to achieve profit and cash targets meeting corporate and legal
requirements, being flexible and pro-active in your approach enabling improvement where possible.
Essential technical and professional skills, knowledge and qualifications
* Will have extensive experience in blue collar staff service industry. Multi-disciplined contract environment, with
specific appropriate skills aligned to the contract needs.
* Financial responsibility and accountability managing innovation and profitable growth.
* Working with in a complex Trade Union Environment.
Core Leadership skills - Exercising judgement, delivering against operational objectives, drives to deliver through
multiple teams, inspires trust in others, engaging communication building collaborative relationships and empowering
individuals, facilitates transformational change, supports difference and demonstrates personal resilience and identify
and develops talent.
* Demonstrates an understanding of the customer, builds productive customer relationships with integrity and
takes responsibility for ensuring customer advocacy.
Strategy: Scanning the external environment and secures information sources that will underpin good decisions.
Developing a clear and focused business direction given current organisational capacity and external factors. Balancing
risk and return in making decisions on business opportunities to achieve better short and long-term results.
Engagement: Communicating a clear and compelling vision and purpose that engages and inspires others. Consciously
uses a range of influencing processes to build commitment to changes required for long-term outcomes. Identifying,
building and maintaining mutually beneficial long-term relationships internally and externally to deliver business
* Ensure viewpoint of employee engagement is assessed, planned, measured and adequately actioned in line
with objectives annually.
Thinking: Ability to simplify complex situations and data, identifying underlying key issues. Takes a future focused
perspective on business risks, opportunities and decisions.

Influencing: Rapidly establishes credibility, adapting approach to lead others and secure commitment. Has insight into
others' mindsets, motives and agendas.
Achieving: Sets challenging objectives and drives to achieve at pace. Challenges current approaches and introduces
significant change to create value for the customer .
Essential characteristics:
* Good-timekeeping.
* Good customer service skills.
* Excellent communication skills including written word.
* Able to work in adverse weather conditions.
* The ability to work independently or as part of a team.
* Hold a valid clean UK driving licence, in the relevant category.
* Successful completion of an in-house driver assessment process that includes knowledge of the equipment and
how it operates.
* The ability to inspect vehicles and recognise defects.
* The ability to understand waste management (in particular what is not required).
* Demonstrate acceptable recent eye examination.
* Demonstrate acceptable levels of physical fitness.
* Strong organisational skills.
* Strong leadership skills.
* Previous experience of managing/supervising a team.
Desirable characteristics:
* Previous experience of the environmental services industry/grounds maintenance
* Knowledge of chapter 8
Required Qualifications:
* IOSHH for Managers.
* Certificate of Professional Competency (Transport Managers); and
* Keep Britain Tidy - Local Environmental Quality Monitoring (NI 195).
* Any other qualification required for the efficient performance of the role
- Should an individual not have these Qualifications will provide the require support so that these are
The duties and responsibilities highlighted are indicative and may vary over time. The post holder
will be expected to undertake other duties and responsibilities relevant to the nature, level and
extent of the post and the grade that has been established on this basis.

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