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Site Manager-Barking

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£50000 - £60000 per annum
ROC Operations
28-11-2023 03:39 PM
Nigel Bewsher
Summary of Role
To manage all day-to-day operations, including health and safety and aspects of the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), Transfer Station and associated processes to ensure that the Company fully complies with all legislation relating to the disposal of recyclable and general waste products and meets all the terms of the site's licences granted by respective authorities by way of documentation.

To run the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) and Transfer Station in accordance with all relevant policies, procedures, to ensure safety, efficiency, and profitability are maintained to high standard.

Key Accountabilities / Competencies
(What are the main responsibilities of the role, against which performance is measured)

Ensuring Site Is Compliant with Current Legislation
Ensuring Site Is Compliant with Environmental Legislation
Maintain Health, Safety and Security of Site
Manage Plant, Equipment and Vehicles
Manage The Process of Receiving and forward transfer of waste
Manage contracts
Manage Financial, Budgets, and Sustainability
Generate New and Retain Existing Business
Manage All Internal and external Communication and Documentation

Key Accountabilities / Competencies
(What are the main responsibilities of the role, against which performance is measured)

Maintain Health, Safety and Security of Site
* Demonstrate an ability to develop, communicate, implement, and manage health and safety policies and procedures.
* Develop, communicate, implement, and manage health and safety policies and procedures.
* Demonstrate an understanding of the application of the requirements of health and safety legislation as it applies to site which includes.
* Demonstrate an ability to develop, communicate, implement, and manage site security.
* Understand and manage risks and hazards associated with site and undertake associated risk assessments and ensure control measures are implemented where risks cannot be eliminated.
* Manage contractors to ensure that they do not breach the rules. department and external agencies make recommendations for corrective and preventative actions.
* Report, review accidents and incident and monitor trends at site consult with health and safety department and external agencies and make recommendation for corrective and preventative actions.
* Ensure safe systems of work are properly understood and implemented by employees at site and at intervals monitor, review the health and safety performance of site and employees.

Manage Plant, Equipment and Vehicles
* To be aware of new and current technologies and make sure plant equipment and vehicles are used to maximum efficiency.
* Identify, procure, or propose and justify potential improvements to plant and equipment or new equipment.
* Maintain MRF operations during plant, vehicle, and equipment machinery change / breakdown.
* Ensure that plant, equipment, and vehicles are suitable and sufficient for activities to be compliant with legislation and licensing requirements.

Manage The Process of Receiving and Forward Transfer of Waste
* Make sure that waste is accepted in accordance with legal and company procedures. Review reports from sampling and deal with unexpected occurrences
* Make sure that waste is inspected as required by the permit or procedures.
* Make sure that correct procedures are followed if in the event of quarantined or rejected waste.
* Identify waste types and understanding what is acceptable and unacceptable to site relating to legislation.
* Complete and submit reports and information.
* Manage the movement, sorting and storage of waste.

Ensuring Site Is Compliant with Current Legislation
* Maintain an understanding of Health and Safety at Work Act, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, The Environmental Protection Act and Duty of Care
* Implement and comply with relevant legislation including but not exclusive to Duty of Care regulations, environmental legislation and health and safety legislation at site.
* Understand the Site Permit, working plan for site and operate site in accordance.
* Manage operations and waste reception procedures in line with waste management license, legislation, IMS, CMS systems and working plan.

Ensuring Site Is Compliant With Environmental Legislation
* Monitor the environmental performance, maintain site records, and complete site returns
* Ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities in relation to legislation, company policies, procedures, and standards.
* Assist in in the development of objectives and targets in the setting and completion of improvement plans for IMS and CMS to improve site performance
* Review, manage and implement actions arising from IMS audits
* Prepare and provide records to customers under the Environmental Protection Act.
* Control and prevent polluting leaks and spillages of waste inclusive of vehicles, plant, equipment, fixed tanks, drums, and mobile containers at site.

Manage Personnel
* Understand core personnel procedures to recruit a team of competent staff.
* Manage discipline and grievance procedures at site with support from HR.
* Conduct Competency Reviews and appraisals in line with the Competency Management System Requirements and review regularly.
* Construct and maintain a training plan for all employees.
* Review and manage performance of supervisory team and conduct an annual appraisal.
* Report and manage all absence at site.
* To manage and maximise productivity at site.
* To contribute to succession planning at site.
* Ensure staff at site are trained and competent on relevant Work Instructions and procedures, including how to manage accidents, incidents, and emergencies for the tasks that they are expected to conduct.
* To ensure that all personnel at site are aware of their responsibilities in relation to legislation, Company Policy, Procedures and Standards.
* Keep up to date with the latest developments in industry, health, and safety and ensure relevant information is communicated.

Manage Welfare
* Support the Women's Network for their equality, diversity, inclusion and to assist them in reaching their full potential or goals.
* Ensure staff have access to mental health care and to a Mental Health First Aider.
* To provide more than a minimal standard of staff welfare facilities.
* Staff have access to a First Aider that has sufficient resource to administer First Aid.

Manage contracts
* Oversee the day to day management of the MRF which includes contracts, supervisory and administration, material management, traffic management, management of operational areas, project management, managing budgets.
* Prepare contingency plans for unexpected occurrences, seasonal variations, and annual events.

Manage Financial and Budgets
* To collate information for constructing a budget and take action where necessary.
* To promote and use sustainable methods and reduce or optimise use of resources.
* Provide the cost benefit analysis for expenditure of resources.
* Monitor and manage site costs including plant within budget.
* Manage key business objectives.
* Input monthly reporting figures for site.

Manage All Internal and external Communication and Documentation
* Complete, file and secure all required paperwork correctly.
* Communicate effectively with colleagues and customers.
* Understand when to notify external and internal departments of EA issues.
* Understand when to apply timely communication with EA.
* Prepare and present accurate business reports based on sound financial information.

* To perform any other reasonable duties / responsibilities as required.

Capability Profile (What capabilities will be required to perform the role)

Qualifications Essential
(tick) Desirable
* Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC) or evidence of CMS √
* Management qualification √
* IOSH Managing Safely √
* IOSH Fire Management √ √

Skills (able to perform) √
* Communication skills √
* Project Management √
* Risk assessments √
* Contract Management √
* Material Management √
* Client Management √
* Budget Management and Financial Awareness √
* Conflict Management √
* Report Writing √
* Negotiation and Influencing skills √
* Meeting facilitation √
* Organising √
* Delegation √
* Problem solving √
* Flexibility √
* Presentation Skills √

* Waste Legislation √
* Health and Safety Legislation √
* Environmental Legislation √
* Operational knowledge including vehicle, plant, and equipment √
* Understand site permit and working plan for site √

Experience (indicate depth & breadth)
* Previous experience of MRF operations or material sorting √
* Marketing of recyclable materials / end products √
* Handling transfer of products / shipping √

Any other requirements
* Must be prepared to work additional hours and weekend as required √
* IT Skills - Microsoft office products (Word, Excel etc) √
* A keenness for personal development √
* Driving License √
* Travel may be required at some point when assisting with roll outs √
* Working towards maintaining the CMS √

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